Smart Data Platform

We enable brick and mortar retailers to use real-time MoZONE data, historical data, inventory data, and competitive pricing to provide optimized offers at relevant points of the customer's journey. Increase your sales by personalizing deals and messages when customers enter, request information, and exit.

Improve customer experience

Improve customer loyalty by making it easy to look up product information, view product videos, get deals and product discounts, see unique content, and participate interactively.

Reach all smartphones

MoZONE reaches any smart phone via e-mail and SMS. Retailers can send optimized content, deals, and experiences without needing a customer to download an app. This means no more worrying about phone OS changes, compatibility with older phones, or obscure phone manufacturers.

High ROI/Low risk

MoZONE is available as a SaaS with a monthly subscription or 'pay for performance' based. Thus, there is no Capex or other barriers to scale with a MoZone solution.

Privacy for consumers

MoZONE provides customers with privacy-based control over which brands or retailers contact them. By default, all user customer data is anonymized to protect privacy. This ensures that offers and messages are targeted and not spam. MoZONE does not share the personal information or interactions of customers with any third parties.

Privacy for Retailers

We allow retailers to get data of their customer interactions in-store. We do not sell or allow access to this data across retailers. You don't have to worry about a customer looking up a product in your store and getting an offer for it from your competitors with MoZONE.

Interested in learning more?

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